Dynatron™ Putty-Cote + cream harderner

  • Putty cures to a smooth, tack-free surface
  • Quick curing and easy sanding properties
  • Formula features stain-free resin
  • Excellent vertical hang


Dynatron™ Putty-Cote is a smooth, tack-free, easy-sanding polyester glazing and finishing putty. Use our putty for filling scratches, dings, pinholes and other surface imperfections. Putty-Cote cures to a tack-free surface.

Versatile Putty for Automotive Restoration
Dynatron™ Putty-Cote is an easy-to-use repair putty for vehicle repair projects. It is a versatile product that may be used on most surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion to wood, metal, E-coat, aluminum, galvanized metal, fiberglass and SMC.

Quality Repairs Every Time
This putty quickly covers the repair area. Once fully cured, it offers easy sanding, excellent adhesion and a stain free surface.

How to Work Dynatron™ Putty-Cote Putty
The putty has excellent vertical hang properties, which aids in it forming a quick and secure bond in the repair area, with excellent spreading. This putty has also been formulated to sand easily and smoothly.

Additional Benefits
It also eliminates bleed-thru problems when used as a top coat over economical body filler. Its formula features a stain-free resin.

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3M, Dynatron

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1 Quart (US)